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Walking tours of cities of Aliyah (repatriation) waves - north

In the north of the country there are many cities, towns and village which played an important role in the history of Jews and Zionism: Zichron Ya'akov, with one of the oldest and the biggest venires in Israel, promenade from the 19th century and several interesting historical museums, galleries and fascinating family stories; Rosh Pinna, on of the first towns, with old buildings and the story of silk production; Binyamina, named after Baron Rothschild, with winery, neighborhoods stories, caravnaserai and well preserved archeological sites; Hadera, where the buildings and the museums tell the story of the city which grew on dried out swamps; Afula, the second modern Hebrew city (after Tel Aviv), the capital of the Jezreel valley, which  grew around a train station; Kfar Tavor, with the story of the formation of the first Jewish armed force (which after several reincarnations became IDF), vineyard and a tasty museum of marzipan; Ilaniya, with famous residents like Yigal Alon and David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister, and the story of Subbotniks; several other towns, like Yavne'el, Merhavia, Nahalal and others.  

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