About me

My name is Roman Klotsvog and since 2006 I've been guiding tourists in 4 different languages. What brought me to this profession, and why am I the guy you're looking for to guide you in Israel?


I was born in Saint Petersburg, former capital of Russia, and grew up there until the age of 12, when I came to Israel together with my family. In Israel I finished high school and a military service, and after that I travelled for a year in South America.

On returning, I finished my studies in Sociology and Philosophy at Haifa University, focusing on national identities and national conflicts in Sociology, and on questions of morals related to freedom and equality in Philosophy. During these years I worked in a variety of jobs: social (promotion of higher education in peripheral areas, help to weaker social layers); research (research of perception of social justice in Israel's population, research about integration of the children of immigrants) and managerial (managing departments in bookstores, as a coordinator in the Central Bureau of Statistics). After finishing my academic work, I studied for 2 years in Tourism School and became a tour guide. I now work as a tour guide and tour designer. 

From my early years, I liked to travel, and together with my parents we used to explore the sites of Saint Petersburg and the former USSR, and this tradition continued after we came to Israel. As I mentioned earlier, when I grew up I travelled for a year in South America, and on other occasions I visited many countries in Europe and North America. During these many trips I've developed my own "credo" about how to travel, and this "credo" remains with me as a tour guide. In every place I tried to enjoy and discover, feel the local society, to see the place's history reflected in its people, and to see the people reflecting their nation's history. This is also how I try to show my country to guests from abroad.

Naturally, I also continued to discover interest and travel in my own land. Aside from my curiosity and interest in this unique country, I simply love its sights and sites, enjoy visiting them and showing them to others. 


The combination of my personal history, my fields of interest and my education are what makes me the guide you're looking for, thanks to my interest and love of this land, my in-depth knowledge about it, together with first hand understanding about what a tourist wants. Add to that my enriching academic education (Sociology and Philosophy), which helps me not only to tell the story of the sites, but also to provide insights behind the stories which took place in this land. This is what I mean when I say that you would be able not only to see and visit Israel, but feel it and understand it. 

My fields of expertise are Haifa and the north, Jerusalem, religions, Israeli society and ancient and modern history.


As a Haifa resident, I especially love this city, and I offer a large variety of tours in the city. I enjoy showing and talking this city, and I am thankful for every opportunity to do so. In my opinion, Haifa today is not visited and toured enough by international tourists, despite having a rich history and many beautiful sights. I am trying to play my part to fix this! That's why when ordering tours in Haifa or a tailor-made tour of several days which includes a significant part in Haifa (at least one full day), the price will be more attractive. 


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