Please indicate the dates of your visit, the number of people and their age, your fields of interests and religious affiliation (if relevant). The more you tell me about yourself, the easier it will be to build a tour tailored specifically for you, and which will guarantee you the experience you're looking for. So don't hesitate to write a lot, about countries and places you've been to, how you like to travel etc. In case it's not your first visit in Israel, I'd like to know where you have been on your previous visit(s) and what impressed you the most.

Please write down what sites you'd like to visit, which sites are essential for you, what kind of sites interest you in Israel in general or what regions of Israel you'd like to visit. You can use the 100 Tours in Israel to see what Israel has to offer.       

Please also mention if one of the visitors has a physical condition relevant to your visit (difficulties in walking or going up and down the stairs, fear of heights, claustrophobia etc) and special requests about food (vegetarianism, dietary restrictions, kosher food or religious restrictions, preferences).    

I also recommend that you write down your hobbies and interests, and let me know if you're interested to incorporate activities related to them into the tour – extreme sport; artists workshops; lectures; concerts and theatres; spectator sport; hiking; yoga, meditation and movement classes; birdwatching; wine tasting; fishing; cars etc. Please let me know if you'd like to meet people in the front of different fields – soldiers, political or social activists, farmers, industry and high tech representatives etc. Likewise, let me know if you would like to take part in a Mass or other religious service in the Holy Land, or if you would like to meet religious figures in Israel.


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