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 Welcome to "Israel with Roman", a website of your tour designer, tour organizer and tour guide in Israel, Roman Klotsvog.


First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on the occasion of your decision to visit Israel! Israel is one of the most amazing and interesting countries to visit, being a center for many religions, a connecting point between three continents and a bridge between modern times and ancient times: between the State of Israel of today and the historical Land of Israel, the Holy Land.


Only in Israel can one enjoy a great concentration of places holy to many religions, with fascinating traditions behind them, next to amazing archeological sites - historically important and very well preserved - next to unique and spectacular natural spots. It doesn't matter if it's your first or second visit in Israel, or even if you used to live here: you'll always have plenty of great places to visit and to enjoy.

Come and enjoy ancient Jerusalem, a center of three religions; follow in the footsteps of Jesus on his last path on Via Dolorosa towards the place of his crucifixion and burial in the Holy Sepulchre; visit the Temple Mount with the famous Dome of the Rock; place a note in the Western Wall. Enter the underground parts of the Old City in the Western Wall tunnels and under the City of David. Swim and float in the Dead Sea, a unique body of water in the lowest point in the world. Travel through Galilee and the Sea of Galilee (also known as Kinneret and the Sea of Ginosar), key places in the life of Jesus. Visit some of Israel's many museums, such as the Holocaust memorial "Yad Vashem", one of the most interesting museums you'd ever see, and Israel Museum and The Shrine of the Book, which houses among other things the Dead Sea Scrolls, one of the most significant archeological findings in the world.

Come and feel the history of the archeological sites of Massada, Caesarea, City of David, Meggido (known as Armageddon), Acre, Beit Shean, Avdat, Tzippori and others, with stories from the Biblical times, King David, Jesus Christ, Herod, the Roman emperors, Alexander the Great, the Crusaders, Napoleon and more. Walk through Haifa, the capital of the north, and enjoy its amazing view of the breathtaking Baha'i gardens, going down from Carmel mountain to the sea. Ride the camels next to beautiful desert views in the Negev Desert, and enjoy the view the Ramon Crater. Take a taste of Tel Aviv's nightlife, cultural center of Israel, which has a worldwide reputation as a partying city with the title "a city without intermission".

Relax in Israel's resorts and beaches along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea and the Sea of Galilee. Travel through the country and get from an arid desert to the snowy mountain peak of Hermon  - with a ski resort -  in just three hours.      

Enjoy life next to the views of the green mountains, the blue seas and the yellow and red deserts of Israel, and feel its historical, religious, cultural and culinary wealth. Enjoy a dream vacation in Israel.

To make sure you'll make the most of your vacation, it's better to have a guide. A guide can explain to you what you see, and a good guide can enhance your experience, and to make your visit an unforgettable experience which will stay with you long after you've left Israel. I offer my services, as I believe that I'm the right man for the job. I offer tailor-made tours, adjusted to your desires and interests, which I will plan especially for you, or which can be based on 100 Tours in Israel I offer. You'll have my full attention and receive personal treatment during the planning of the tour, obviously during the tour itself and in your next visit in Israel as well. You'll have a traveling experience which will not only let you visit and see Israel, but also feel it and understand it.    

Apart from the different tours, I offer different ways of travelling: with a religious emphasis for pilgrims (of any religion); bar mitzvah tours; adjusted for golden age or for families with kids; VIP; nature walks; city walking tours; in-depth tours and more. I can also organize and include activities which would fit your specific hobbies and interests – art workshops, extreme sport, vineyard visit and wine tasting, visiting industrial and high tech facilities etc. The prices of the tours are determined according to tour's duration, the season you're coming in, tour's type and destinations and additional services provided.


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